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Rainbow Patishapta Pitha

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Product Information

Rainbow patishapta pitha price is shown for 5 pieces from (Pitha Cafe). It's very delicious you can send gift to Bangladesh for your family. Please increase the quantity of Rainbow patishapta pitha, if you want to order more. This Rainbow patishapta pitha is available in all seasons of Bangladesh. According to your order, we will be delivered fresh pitha and recommend to place your order before 1 day. If you need an emergency on the same day, Dhaka time should be ordered by 11 am.


Product information:

1. Rainbow patishapta pitha 5 pieces. 

2. its made with flour, oil, sugar, salt, milk and food colour.


Our Delivery System:

We provide our service by our own trained, trusted and educated delivery man. All of our staff carry to the company-issued photo ID card. We don't use a third party as courier service to deliver any gift in Bangladesh.


Note: This item is available with a total order of US$21.78 or total purchases of BDT 1590. 

We do free delivery in Dhaka City & shipping charge applies for other cities of Bangladesh.