Feng-Shui Bamboo Plant

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Everybody can order Feng-Shui Bamboo Plant is an absolutely perfect for decorating your home and office environment.This Feng-Shui Bamboo Plant is perfect to bring freshness in your surrounded environment. This plant will be set into a square bamboo made holder and a glass holder with colorful pebbles which makes it looks really unique. Color of the leafs may vary based on market availablit One can keep it indoor or outdoor, very little to care about but adds a special gorgeousness to any place. Available to deliver at all cities of Bangladesh .

1.2 Layer Good Luck Feng-Shui Bamboo Plant in a Square Shaped Glass Pot.

2.A perfect gift for All Occasions to Wish Good Luck to your dear ones.

3.Lasts Long and it is an Amazing Showpiece to Compliment your Office Table, Conference Meeting Room, Reception Desk, Drawing Room, Bedroom and Kitchen.

4.8″ inches height with pot and can grow upto 12″ inches long in a year if properly taken care.

5.Pot is Washable and made of Glass.

Note: Points for Taking Care :

1.Do not place under direct sunlight or under fan.

2.Change the water of pot daily or atleast every second day.

3.Do not cut or trim its roots.

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